Leadership resources

Hello, leaders!

This is a special page on our website to store resources that you, as a leader, may need to access. If you have any questions about something on this page, please contact Ashleigh Pinkerton: info@therockofsahuarita.com.

Below you will find a link to download an Event Request Form, notes on how to submit receipts, and a link to The Rock's master calendar (which was shared with everyone's Rock email addresses, too).

Thank you for serving at The Rock!

The Rock Leadership Structure

Download a PDF of The Rock's leadership structure HERE.

The Rock's Master Calendar

We have a "Master Calendar" in google calendar that shows all of the scheduled events for the church. This is a great way to check available dates if you are planning an event. You can view the calendar here.

Event Request FOrms

If you are planning an event, please fill out an Event Request Form. This allows us to keep track of all upcoming events, get materials ready for the event, and properly advertise the event.

Fill out the online Event Request Form HERE.

The request goes to Pastor Cristy. She will review it and alert you if it has been approved or not.

Breeze CHMS Login

Breeze is the program we use to manage our church database (attendees and their contact information, etc). If you already have a Breeze log-in, you can log in to the dashboard here: https://therockchurchaz.breezechms.com/dashboard

Breeze also has an app - search "Breeze CHMS" in your app store to find it.

If you do not have a Breeze account, but think it would be beneficial, please email Ashleigh:


the rock church logos

You can download the full logo set here

There are a variety of logo options: 4 colors (black, white, teal, orange), 3 orientations (mark only, wide, and stacked), and 2 file options (png and jpg). If you have any questions about best practices, please contact Ashleigh.

how to submit receipts

If you made a purchase with a church card: Please write the associated account on the receipt, as well as a brief description of the purchase (this will be included on the memo in QuickBooks and will appear on reports - this is useful for you to see what your money was used for, rather than just where it was spent). You can also write this information on a sticky note and stick it to the receipt if you prefer.

If you make a purchase on a personal card after getting approval from Pastor Tim: Please submit receipt with a reimbursement request form. You can view a sample form here so you know how to fill it out. Then download an excel document version or a PDF version of the form to fill out. To turn in your reimbursement request:

Option 1: Email the completed form and a scan of the receipt to Ashleigh at finance@therockofsahuarita.com.

Option 2: Give her the completed form and receipt in person or put it in the basket on her desk in the office.