Our Leadership Team

  • Tim Olof, Lead Pastor

    Pastor Tim followed God's call in 2005 and moved his family from California to Sahuarita, Arizona to start a church. He most enjoys seeing lives transformed, and he is falling in love with Jesus more and more. Tim loves spending time with his family, whether it's going to the park, taking his wife to dinner, playing catch with the football, or walking around the lake in Sahuarita. 

    Email: timolof@therockofsahuarita.com

  • Gary Bivins, Elder

    Gary was called to be an elder at The Rock Church to help shepherd the congregation to a deeper relationship in Christ and to help the congregation recognize their authority in Christ in dealing with issues in their own lives. He enjoys coming alongside people and helping them grow in serving the Lord. Gary has been bowling since he was 16, and still enjoys the competition. 

  • Michael Harris, Elder

    Michael and his wife Laurie spent 4 years as leaders in Marriage Ministries International, and they spent 15 years on the ministry team of Gary Zamora Ministries. They enjoy serving people and getting to know them on a deeper level. Michael enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, and raising chickens.

  • Jacob Pinkerton, Elder

    Jacob was called to be an elder and step into leadership in the church to utilize his business and finance experience for the Kingdom. He enjoys analyzing problems and looking for solutions, and believes that God's economy is not always easy to explain in the natural. Jacob loves cycling, spending time with his wife and daughters, and running his business.

  • Heidi Demorest, Children's Pastor

    Heidi loves working with children because they are eager to learn, and so much fun. She’s worked in childcare in the past, and has three beautiful children. She most enjoys her role as a teacher, and loves watching kids gain a deeper understanding of God. Heidi spends a lot of time with her family and loves being outdoors. 

    Email: heididemorest@therockofsahuarita.com

  • Cristy Olof, Worship Pastor

    Even before Cristy followed God’s lead to start this church with Pastor Tim, God called her to lead others in worship. She feels honored to be the worship pastor, and loves watching people worship God. Cristy’s children are her priority in this season of life, but she also spends time discipling a few ladies and she loves to organize. She says she is still learning to live a life of balance and grace, and she wants others to know we are on this journey together.

    Email: cristyolof@therockofsahuarita.com

  • Shelly Kearns, Welcome Lead

    Shelly enjoys people and serving others, and she loves the opportunity to make people feel welcome week after week. This is the ministry that drew Shelly into church, so it is dear to her heart. As Shelly puts it, "The Bible says that God creates beauty from ashes, and that is the story of my life!" Shelly likes spending time with her two dogs, being with friends, cooking, gardening, and anything outdoors!

    Email: shellykearns@therockofsahuarita.com

  • Conner Malozsak, Student Ministry Lead

    Conner has been at the church since he was 5 years old, and has seen it develop spiritually and physically. When he was 17 he felt God calling him to be a speaker/teacher of the Word of God. As Conner continued to listen and press into God the signs became more and more clear. He loves working with teens and loves to serve. Conner enjoys cars, long-boarding, playing drums, and being with family and friends.

    Email: conner@therockofsahuarita.com

  • Ashleigh Pinkerton, Office Manager

    Ashleigh loves organization, efficiency, and managing communication between people. She enjoys seeing how everything comes together "behind-the-scenes" and sees it as an honor to be a part of The Rock at this time of transition and growth. Ashleigh loves being with her husband and two daughters, reading, and freelance writing.

    Email: info@therockofsahuarita.com

  • John Malozsak, Build to Build Lead

    John has owned several businesses and demonstrates how to allow God to be first in the business world. John is a broker in real estate and owns a property management company. His experience with business, construction, and leadership puts him in a solid position to lead our Build to Build project. John enjoys cars, traveling with his family, and spending time outdoors camping with motor sports.

    Email: johnmalozsak@therockofsahuarita.com