The Rock Leadership Team

  • Tim Olof

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Tim followed God's call in 2005 and moved his family from California to Sahuarita, Arizona to start this church. He most enjoys seeing lives transformed, and he is falling in love with Jesus more and more. Tim loves spending time with his family, whether it's going to the park, taking his wife to dinner, playing catch with the football, or walking around the lake in Sahuarita. 


  • Gary Bivins


    Gary was called to be an elder at The Rock Church to help shepherd the congregation to a deeper relationship in Christ and to help the congregation recognize their authority in Christ in dealing with issues in their own lives. He enjoys coming alongside people and helping them grow in serving the Lord. Gary has been bowling since he was 16, and still enjoys the competition. 


  • Michael Harris


    Michael and his wife Laurie spent 4 years as leaders in Marriage Ministries International, and they spent 15 years on the ministry team of Gary Zamora Ministries. They enjoy serving people and getting to know them on a deeper level. Michael enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, and raising chickens.


  • Rob Maple


    Rob oversees all operations within the church, as well as our Children's, Student, and Adult Ministries. He has been responsible for the hands-on operations for a number of businesses and organizations, and he has an aptitude for getting things done. He enjoys seeing things run well, particularly when they represent the Father. Rob enjoys the beach, golfing, and working around the house.


  • Kevin King

    Teaching Pastor

    Kevin has been teaching for many years, and enjoys teaching with the purpose of removing confusion and enlightening people to something they didn't know before. He believes the Lord motivated the opportunity for him to teach at The Rock, and he sees teaching as directing someone to a destination. Kevin enjoys taking his family out and watching the kids enjoy themselves and each other while he and his wife take it all in.


  • Shemalya King
    Teaching Pastor & Rha director

    Shemalya loves the opportunity to teach because it allows her to help people transition from one place to another. She says it's the joy of a teacher to see "the light turned on" in a mind, and teaching truth to enable accurate transition is the goal! Shemalya is happy doing what God has called her to do, whether that's being a teaching pastor, a director, a mother, or simply loving people! Shemalya and her family have a fun tradition every Friday: Family Night. On family nights, they play games, watch movies, talk, and all sleep in the living room!


  • Cristy Olof

    Worship Pastor

    Even before Cristy followed God’s lead to start this church with Pastor Tim, God called her to lead others in worship. She feels honored to be the worship pastor and loves watching people worship God. She enjoys her various roles as wife and mom of 6, in leadership responsibilities, and working in the Real Estate world. She says she is still learning to live a life of balance and grace, and she wants others to know we are on this journey together.


  • Yara armenta

    Kids rock lead

    Yara started working with children at a young age. Her story includes her own family coming to Christ through her experience with Jesus as a child, so she is passionate about how God can use children to save whole families! She enjoys seeing how a Godly and loving environment allows children to grow in their spiritual lives. She enjoys being a support system to parents and kids alike. Yara also enjoys playing the flute, watching basketball and football (Go Buckeyes!), hanging out with friends, and engaging in deep conversations.


  • Desiree Peace

    welcome lead

    Desiree is a military spouse who understands the intimidation of moving and walking into a new church, unfamiliar with the surroundings. Her heart is to welcome everyone who enters The Rock and help them feel comfortable and seen. Desiree counts it a huge blessing when she gets to watch someone get set free because the Holy Spirit had an encounter with them! She loves date nights with her husband and cooking with her daughters. Desiree also enjoys reading and chatting about theology!




    Ryan and his wife, Christina, took a huge step of faith many years ago to trust God with the number of children He would bless them with, and that number has surpassed a dozen! God continues to provide for and bless them as they follow Him, and Ryan's happy to tell you about it if asked. Ryan is following the Lord's lead with a passion for seeing relationships grow with God and people through Discovery Bible Study, as well as seeing God work in people's lives! He enjoys spending family time hiking and doing water sports. He also enjoys sky diving and wrenching on and driving cars, SXS's, and motorcycles. 




    Nathan enjoys ensuring others feel safe and comfortable in their setting. He is a member of our Armed Forces, so he is naturally vigilant and aware of his surroundings. His heart is to be like Michael, a warrior for Jesus. Nathan loves to go hiking, off-roading with his two daughters and wife and is very adventurous. He also has a strong mechanical ability and enjoys wood working and electronics.




    Dalton came to Christ at the age of 22 and has been growing in his relationship with God more and more ever since. He found that his way of serving the Lord best would be with the Tech Team, behind the scenes! He loves technology and learning how to make production better for the Church during our Sunday services. Dalton works in mortgage but his hobbies include spending time with his soon-to-be wife and loved ones, working with computers, and traveling!


  • Shelly Kearns

    EventS Coordinator

    Shelly enjoys people and serving others, and she loves the opportunity to help people feel connected. This is one of the ministries that drew Shelly into church, so it is dear to her heart. As Shelly puts it, "The Bible says that God creates beauty from ashes, and that is the story of my life!" Shelly likes spending time with her dogs, being with friends, cooking, gardening, and anything outdoors!


  • Morgan King

    finance lead

    Morgan enjoys a bookkeeping internship and being a part-time barista. She is happy as long as she knows that she is in the will of God and she loves helping and seeing people find real solutions. She enjoys singing, walking, reading, cooking, baking, planning (with a passion), and quality conversation.


  • Prudence KING

    communications director

    Prudence began her life with Christ at a young age and has been passionately pursuing Him ever since. The desire to work in this position was birthed during the last couple of years of high school and she has proven to be really good at anything with attention to details! Prudence enjoys spending time with her friends and family, good conversation, singing, making jewelry, taking long walks, and doing hair.


  • John Malozsak

    Build to Build Lead

    John has owned several businesses and demonstrates how to allow God to be first in the business world. John is a broker in real estate and owns a property management company. His experience with business, construction, and leadership puts him in a solid position to lead our Build to Build project. John enjoys cars, traveling with his family, and spending time outdoors camping with motor sports.