We offer several classes at The Rock Church!

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  • Desert Bible Institute

    We offer classes through the Desert Bible Institute, taught by Pastors Kevin and Shemalya King. DBI's vision is to teach Bible doctrine with passion, revelation, and accuracy that the hearers, through His Word, would become an intelligent, thinking, and balanced body of believers, not tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.

    The class is $50 for individuals or $75 for couples. Classes run throughout the year. 

    Register for DBI here.

  • Discover the ROck

    Everyone is invited to join us for Discover the Rock, a 5-week class about The Rock's mission, beliefs, and vision. 

    You will have the opportunity to learn about our church covenant, ministries, and leadership. We offer this class several times throughout the year.

    Register for Discover the Rock here.

  • Discover Freedom

    The mission and goal of Discover Freedom Ministry is to provide the love and support from one individual to another. It will help a person walk through any kind of event, crisis or problem (personal or family related) in a way that allows that person to ultimately become free! This freedom is of the burden that the issue has placed on their relationship with God, themselves and/or others.

    The basic strategy is for a care giver to provide time to listen to the care receiver and walk with them as they navigate through the issue providing love, support, encouragement, and resources from an objective viewpoint that the care receiver may not be able to see and can use to resolve the issue.

    The training class will provide insight and resources to potential care givers for effective distinctively Christian care giving. The two basic tenets of the training are that [1] safety and confidentiality with a care receiver are paramount and [2] that the care receiver is responsible and accountable for progress and results and that God is the Cure Giver.

    Register for Discover Freedom here.

  • freedom for life

    Do you want all the victory that Jesus has for you? We all have things going on in our lives that get in the way of that full victory. Freedom For Life is a 7 week course designed to teach and train people to understand their inheritance and be able to walk in freedom through Christ Jesus, in spite of trials and tribulations; to understand spiritual warfare and the power and authority they have in Jesus; and to receive tools, weapons, and gifts to overcome issues hindering their relationships with God and other people. Join us on our journey to freedom in Christ!

    Register for Freedom for Life here.